Friday, March 22, 2013

Being Alive

Do you know what?
I'm thrilled being alive right now.

Sure, I blinked and it's already 2013, but the thing is, I love being alive at this time. No, things aren't perfect. I see lots of bad stuff in the world; it's hard to miss. In fact, life seems to be pretty precarious, all things considered. But I find myself tending to spend my energy thinking of the great things, the transcendence, the survival, the wonder.

Right now, things are really kicking assWhat our species has been able to accomplish during my lifetime makes me feel proud of our speciesHopeful.

Maybe it's because I tend to surround myself with beautiful people and I have learned the hard way to leave others out of my life, and maybe it sounds cliche' and maybe it sounds sappy, but I see the world and this life as a truly beautiful thing. Is it because I have learned that long life lesson of standing up for myself and my self. Is it because I'm finally so happy living in my own skin? Is it because I am living a life of integrity and compassion and kindness? Is it because I get to look into the eyes of true beauty each day? Is it because the world keeps turning my way? Is it because I am so in love with the Southern Cross? It could be all of these, or none of them.

Life is incredibly beautiful regardless of my awareness or lack of awareness of it.

Anyway, the point of my post today is to celebrate being alive.  And even more than that.

I want to encourage you, to remind you to LIVE your life. Do not waste your precious time and energy on guilt and shame that others want you to feel. Do not give in to the smear campaign that so many people do on freethinkers, on people outside of the box, on questioners, on atheists, or on anyone the smearers don't agree with.

Do not go to sleep in anger. SEIZE the opportunity to just SAY IT.  Say what needs to be said. Apologize. Express your love. Ask the questions that need asking. Be your true self. Use your own voice and say it. Do not tolerate being victimized. Do not victimize others. Slow down and see the world around you.

You are alive at this most amazing of times.
Remember to LIVE.

Sorry if this is sappy.
But it had to be said!

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  1. If this is sappy, I love sappy. =) You give me hope. So much hope.

  2. If more people thought about such things, the world would be a more loving place. (And it could use a little more sap, if ya ask me!)


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