Monday, August 8, 2011

Information, Help, Encouragement

We aren’t the homeschool pioneer generation. 
We don’t have to struggle with legality of homeschooling.
We are standing on the shoulders of giants!

We don’t have to be isolated.  We are no longer considered “strange”.  Homeschooling has proven time and time again what a success it can be, what wonderful adults it can build.   We no longer have to try to homeschool our children without decent materials and NO INTERNET!  (How did they do it?)

Today, the internet is almost TOO full of information.  It is almost TOO easy to find opinions and facts and figures and materials and answers and questions.  But we are the lucky ones.  The families who are able to bask in the work of our forefamiles, the pioneers of homeschooling.  The families who broke the ground of this current ground swell of families who have taken this wonderful road, a road that used to be pathless, now, a wide two-lane highway…construction ahead!

Those families, our homeschooling wise ones, were at a loss for three major things.  Three key elements that homeschooling parents today STILL need, but can now find more readily:  information, help, encouragement.
As homeschooling parents, one of the things we are constantly doing is educating ourselves.  Bookstores, the internet, and community support groups now about and we are surrounded by education sources and wonderful success stories.  Resources are endless and I, for one, find the internet to be a major source for my own education.  I love it!

As for help, no longer are we alone in our wagons on the prairie with miles between us and the next homeschooling family.  With some exceptions of course, we are the lucky recipients of assistance lovingly offered by homeschool veterans and kind-hearted parents who have been there!  Additionally, if we have a question, we are no longer alone AND, there are often a number of answers from which to choose.
Encouragement?  Each family and friend group has their own unique personality, but I have found that encouragement is abundant and available whenever I need it!  In fact, our homeschooling community is a vital and safe place to explore the grand expedition of being a homeschooling parent.

One of my dear friends IS of the homeschool pioneer generation and I can’t even compete with the passion that is this woman!  Nancy Clavenna is an energetic, vital, , learning, adventuresome, blue-eyed wonder of a mother who is now the grandparent of two homeschooled grandchildren:  Evey and Jonas!  Nancy is a first class example of the type of person who has seeded our homeschooling adventure and made it possible for we relative newbies to move forward with confidence and pride that we have taken this road less traveled, yet traveled for a millenia!

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