Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reading Aloud

Reading aloud to our kids is one of the unique pleasures of home
education. I hope that you read aloud to your children. 

I hope you do it
every day.

There is no doubt about it, homeschoolers are a lucky bunch!  One of the things that our family enjoys is reading together each night.  Although the kids are 9 and 13, we don’t feel that the day is “complete” until we spend some time on the couch together!

While I’m reading, of course I use the different voices (I do a great KGB bad guy…).  But I also stop every so often and talk about a vocabulary word, talk about locations, motivations, even about character development.  My kids enjoy these breaks because I hear them talk about them later in other conversations.
So, as a mother, I am proud to introduce the kids to various poets, literature, biographies, short stories, even Mad Libs make a great night time reading experience!  It is truly one of the best times of the day.  I know that you will agree, a good deal of bonding goes on…behind the pages!

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