Monday, August 8, 2011

A Typical Day

Is there a typical homeschool day? 
I doubt it!

Yesterday we were at the table doing lessons at about four in the afternoon, but that is because we were running around visiting friends that morning! Why not have dessert first!

Today we were doing lessons, then played some “cup bowling” (as we call it), when a HS friend dropped by and spent the afternoon with us! There is nothing like a homeschool friend!  They think NOTHING of all kinds of stuff piled up in the living room, simulating a bowling alley!  lol Then there was a little sprinkler play…When people ask me about homeschooling, one of the first questions is usually “what is a typical day like”?

That’s a tough one. 
And a simple one.  
Our days vary so much, as do the days of most families that I know. We are busy, active, rarely sitting still. But when lesson time does come, we’re at the table learning decimals, prepositions, and American history. We have a nice little spot with markers, paper, books, stickers, a timer, rulers, scissors, pencils, and snacks. There we will follow our math books, have discussion about ethics, or letter writing, or friendship, or politics, or discoveries, or plans for the year/month/week/day/moment, play games, science experiments (our favorite!), growing up, kindness and fairness, maturity, history, other cultures, biographies, computers, or just about anything!

In fact, one of the best things about homeschooling is that it is so very CURRENT. If something is happening in the world, we want to know about it!

“Harry Potter” coming out tomorrow? Let’s learn about special effects in the movies. Let’s discuss the controversies that some families experience regarding the films. Let’s get excited that our countdown is nearly over!

President Obama in town? Let’s check out how various news sources around the world discuss his activities for the day. Let’s watch his speech or event. Let’s learn more about a president’s duties.

You get the picture!

We have our math books. We have our language lessons. We read our history. We are avid science book readers. We love learning about art and music and dance.

BUT! We can get up anytime, run out the door, and follow our bliss!

BTW, kids spending the night tonight and tomorrow night...just the usual!

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