Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feeling Peevish

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I'm the type of person who is generally in a good mood. I'm an optimist who generally thinks well of people, situations, and all things. I handle it, you know. But the past couple of weeks I am really in a funk. I know this blue place has been brought about by several factors.
  • Facebook is a real downer to me. Without getting too TMI...some contact is difficult and is getting to me. I'm barely following the things that friends are writing so I'm just skimming through daily. I'm taking a break though.
  • We have been very busy, kind of in an overwhelmed way. Everyone in the family is pushed a bit and we all have alot on our plates. We know that the push will end, but in the meantime I'm just tired. Everyone needs me to maintain and I'm totally doing that and taking care of myself. (promise)
  • Stuff is going on that has been threatening to pull me into some old drama...but I managed to avoid that, after some stressed out time when it was heavy on my mind. I'm glad to say that that is behind me now.
  • And the news. Presidential race and campaigning speeches, bad shit happening, environmental disasters, people doing bad shit to other people...I'm better off not keeping up with the news.

Why am I bringing this up?
Because I'm about to lay a list of my pet peeves on you, sore points and annoyances that are getting to me...BAD. Maybe if I write this out I'll get it out of my head and, maybe, get a little perspective.
SORRY in advance for the bitching.

I've been defacing our money.
These are the things that are pissing me off.
  1. Reading Facebook posts where people go on and on about how God had plans for them when important people die early, when bad things happen, when things are "meant to be", or when God gets the credit for all of the freaking joy but none of the pain. GROWN UPS talking about heaven, hell, angels, destiny, god's plans....ARG. I can't keep my eyes from rolling back into my head lately.
  2. Having religion be so a part of politics that any attempt to separate national leadership from mythology looks like bitchy rudeness on my part. Yet there it is, in all political debates, in all rhetoric, in all governmental things...What the actual fuck?
  3. Tiptoeing around people in my life when I am hurt by them but can't actually mention it to them and Feeling manipulated by someone, standing up for myself in spite of the power play, and having total silence in response. Turns out, this is the major cause of my funk, me thinks.
  4. Having relationships with people who are draining. One fricking crisis to the next, no one ever really learning how to handle life...
  5. Watching state after state support Donald Trump in his bid for our national leader, the leader of our military, the president of these United States, the leader of the free world.  WTF  How can this possibly be happening?
  6. Woo bullshit. Everywhere. Even In God We Trust ON OUR FRICKING MONEY. We are saturated in such ridiculous WOO and people can't see the forest through the trees. It is freaking everywhere.
  7. Watching people I care for go from one freaking addiction to another without skipping a beat. Never freaking learn. Dragging their kids from one place to the next... Never doing the work it takes to make healthier choices. Expecting loved ones to offer comfort and support again and again and again...
  8. Huge public debate about the bloody use of bathrooms while real and genuine hideous, vile atrocities are going on in the world.
  9. Continuous fucking environmental disasters and ongoing environmental devastation.
  10. Fucking wasps.

You know, it really does help writing this.........not gonna lie....kind of feeling better...

Don't stop now!
What are your peeves?

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