Friday, May 13, 2016

LDS in the House

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This afternoon as we were out and about in our area we saw a large number of Mormons mobilizing. How did we know they were Mormons? Well, we could be wrong, but their white shirts and khaki shorts kind of gave away the young, clean cut males in the group. That and their personal black books.  Either that or they were veeeeery business casual business execs. 

It's the perfect  weather for a visit.

Getting into our neighborhood we observed roving duos of execs and the kids got very excited and began planning for the upcoming visit of the execs to our home.

John turned around in his seat to face the rest of the kids in the car and started with the planning for the hoped-for visit.
The Evil Ones
OK, I'm going to start playing Thrasher loudly from inside of the house. Mom, you sit on the front porch looking...deadly.
D (ever-present friend) will scream from time to time and I will shout, Quiet, you virgins! Sorry, the virgins are acting up again. Shut up and be sacrificed to the Dark Lord!

So far, no luck.
Not a single, or double, knock on the front door...

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