Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Homeschool Driver's Ed

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How will you teach math? 
What will you do for prom? 
What if they want to play sports? 
What about driver's ed?

Are these not the usual questions?!  lol
I've heard every one of these questions about a hundred and fifty times and I'm sure that I'll continue to hear them. So will you.

The funny thing is that homeschool seems so natural and normal to me that these questions do nothing to challenge me. All the questions do for me is suggest that the questioner doesn't really understand homeschool. And that's OK.

A few months ago I posted a bit about John getting his driver's permit. He is kind of a lucky kid because he was able to drive in another country, a country that totally drives on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road! Even though he was quite young (12-13 ish) while we were in Australia I had him get behind the wheel a bit (in a very safe spot) and drive just so that he could have the experience of driving there. Elizabeth did too.

So John has had his permit for several months and he's been driving both with me and with his dad. My husband will take John driving on the road and I'll take him on safer back roads. We also spend time reading Rules of the Road. As we drive we talk about right of way, roadway signs, cautions, emergency procedures, city and country driving, parking, driving requirements, map reading, GPS, mapquest, operating the car, gas and oil, and all of the what not that a knowledgeable driver needs to know. 

Today John started something new.

A couple of years ago Elizabeth chose to take driver's ed through the local high school district so John wanted to give it a try too. This morning he started his first class, the first of two weeks worth of classes. Three hours a day for eight days. After three hours of school, his FIRST EVER CLASS IN A SCHOOL he had this to say:

He laughed about the so-called instruction. He laughed about the outdated driving simulator. He laughed about the way the class was dictated by the instructor. He felt that the instruction itself was very boring and the students were used to the boredom. The two classrooms that his class visited were both small rooms with too many kids in them. He found it difficult to focus because the instructor was either droning or being annoyed with students who were talking. Overall John was not at all impressed with the school. But he did feel that most of the kids in his class were perfectly nice and well-"behaved" during classes. 

How do we Driver's Ed?
We use all resources available to us. We drive, discuss, learn as we do, use our state's free driving book from the DMV, and we took the unessential driver's ed through the school district.

How will you do it? That's up to you.

Would any other veteran homeschooling parents
like to add anything to this?
Does anyone have any questions?

THANK YOU for staying with me.

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