Sunday, May 22, 2016

I'm Imperfect and So are You

atheist parent

We all have our own issues, you know. Some of us spend too much money in order to chase away the I'm not good enoughs. Some of us doubt our own abilities and lack self confidence. Some of us have unhappy voices in our heads reminding us of our past actions.

It's hard being a grown up; it's hard being a human being. We only know what we know and most of us inherit behaviors and thoughts from past generations.

I'm talking about this today because we, as a more enlightened generation of parents have it within our power to really change humanity. We who are the current bearers of confusion, pain, anxiety, and messed up thoughts have tools at our disposal that can help us dispose of some of this crap forever; we can make choices that will allow us to pass on healthier and happier messages to our children.

What AM I Talking About?

Some places where the human race has been muddled, shamed, impaired, and awkward include healthy sexuality, expression of feelings, learning to handle anxiety and depression, confronting pain and injury, believing in ourselves, confidently being on our own side, choosing healthy things and people in our lives, choosing relationships, etc. 

From sexuality to anxiety to anger issues, we now have access to internal and external modes of treatment and education to actively improve our ways of dealing with the frisson points between ourselves and the rest of the world. Nearly every adult has access to good interventions of our own issues and we need to gratefully and optimistically grab hold of those healthy interventions.

And why?
Partially so as to not pass those inherited or circumstantial issues on to our beloved offspring. Partially so that we can create our own life rather than live with the damaging crap that we inherited.

Are you game?

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