Thursday, May 5, 2016

What Does This Atheist Think About Homeopathy?

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As Tim Minchin says:
You know what they call alternative medicine that works? Medicine!

Professor Paul Glasziou, a leading academic in evidence based medicine at Bond University, was the chair of a working party by the National Health and Medical Research Council which was tasked with reviewing the evidence of 176 trials of homeopathy to establish if the treatment is valid.

A total of 57 systematic reviews, containing the 176 individual studies, focused on 68 different health conditions - and found there to be no evidence homeopathy was more effective than placebo on any. (

As a homeschooler, even as an atheist homeschooler in a secular co-op, we have many friends who are followers or adherents (or whatever) of homeopathy and some who are actually practitioners. While at co-op activities I could never suggest that homeopathy was woo, bunk, or nonsense. The one time I did suggest that I had no positive thing to say about alternative medicines, the sweetest and and most sincere mom looked right at me and said We fully believe in astrology and homeopathy, that's why we practice it in our house.

I replied Oh.

Honestly, I barely think about homeopathy at all.

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