Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Homeschool Curriculum Confession

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You know those table conversations with other homeschooling parents where you sit with your heads together talking about curriculum options, problems, pros and cons, efficacy, and whatnot? You know those conversations, right? They can go on forever. OH, how I hate those conversations.

There are dozens of publishers out there marketing to the homeschool family and they all put out the new and improved stuff. Everyone has their own opinions about what is best and what is not working. Well, I can not participate in those...because I have no idea about homeschooling curriculum.

A decade ago, when we were still at the beginning of this homeschool journey I was far better able to participate in those discussions, but I seldom did. 

I have this friend, Laura, who could and did talk about curriculum and online programs ad infinitum back in the day. She knew every single new thing that came down the pike and she thought I did too. What did I think? Had I tried it? What was good about it or bad about it? What did I think of the price? Had I read the reviews? Did I want to try it with her?

I could not keep up and I didn't even try. I'm not sure how aware Laura was of the fact that I simply had no opinion on any of the new and improved materials back in the day because I had no knowledge of it.

My old standby answer:
My complete disinterest in following every new thing being released was because I spent about two straight years in the beginning researching materials, everything I could find, just like every other new homeschooling parent. I maniacally researched until my eyes were red and tearing up. And I found most of it to be either weirdly Christian and mythology-based, way overpriced, or simply unimpressive. So ten years ago or so I completely stopped researching homeschool curriculum

I don't care what is new. 
I don't care what is hot.
I don't care how great it is.
I don't care what anyone else is doing.
I don't care who recommends it.
I don't care what anyone else thinks.

Don't ask me because I can't tell you a single thing about the various math curriculum (especially math) or science or writing curriculum; I can't say what is worth recommending to another parent; I can't say what you will or won't like about it. Your opinion on a material is valid and fine with me.

My only opinion is to use what you like and don't ask me about it because unless it is a textbook, I truly don't know.

There you go, my secret confession.
I'm Karen and I don't know about homeschool curriculum. 
Yay Me.

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