Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day in the Life

Homeschooling down here in Australia is different for us down here than at home. We have decided that every single thing we do down here is a lesson and we are, therefore, doing fewer book working-type lessons. So our days are a bit laid back!

This morning John John got up at about 6 am so that he could call some friends back home. He spent time on Minecraft with a friend living in Pittsburgh. They were playing for a couple of hours before the rest of us got up.

Then he had some breakfast of Milo, a cereal down here in Australia that seems to be a chocolaty Rice Krispies.  (we don't have any of this cereal back home...  AND we don't allow chocolate cereal back home.) 

Elizabeth and I joined him by 10 am. We had gotten a package from my mom while I was still asleep...and someone had opened it before I got up! So we cleaned up the candy wrappers (wink) and Skyped my mom. It was wonderful to talk to her! Then we had plans of going up to visit some friends, but one of the kids we had planned on visiting needed to keep a doctor appointment, so we stayed home.

Elizabeth has been reading in her World Literature and World History books quite a bit. Currently she is reading about Ancient India. She mainly took it easy today because she wasn't feeling great.

After lunch John John and I went over to the grocery store for some supplies. We snacked on Cheez Its send by my mom.

This afternoon John had a friend over and they had a huge Nerf war outside while Elizabeth and I read and wrote. Somewhere in here we all wrote some letters to friends back home.

This evening we are watching documentaries...mixed with "Whose Line is it Anyway?"  We had dessert:  ice cream, topped by Hershey's syrup sent by Mom in the care package!

There you go, a regular day.

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