Saturday, January 12, 2013


This evening The Doctor and I have been having a wonderful talk.  You know the one, eye to eye across the table, sincerity, hand holding, and smiles.  We started naming things about Australia and our trip here that we love and/or are grateful for.  The list started getting long, so we decided to give it a place on honor:  a post on this blog!

I'm sure we will forget at least half of our list, but here is a good sampling:

Oddly enough, our list started with me saying, "I like having lizards in our house!"

We then continued with this list:
The Doctor and her guitar

  • Our first trip to The Gold Coast beach when we got into the ocean down here for the first time.
  • The Doctor loves her friends here.
  • The Doctor loves her theater class.
  • She also loves that she took up guitar since moving here.
  • She loves her guitar teacher, Rob.
  • Playing guitar on stage!
  • She is so grateful for our conversations that resulted in her starting on an anti-depressant
  • We all loved Australia Zoo SO much!
  • The Doctor loves having her bedroom on the second floor
  • Bonobo loves his new friends.
  • The Doctor is happy to have seen freaky attractive surfer guys.
  • Christmas in the swimming pool.
  • We all love having a swimming pool in our complex.
  • The Doctor is thrilled be have gotten her tax file number so she can get her first job.
  • Bonobo started parcour and loves it
  • Bonobo loves it that we are HERE!
  • Seeing whales!
  • Cuddling a koala
  • Bonobo at the pool
  • Seeing a platypus
  • Losing our sunglasses in the wonderful waves of Surfer's Paradise!
  • We love it that we have more travel plans.
  • We love that we have seen gorgeous tide pools.
  • We have been snorkling.
  • The Doctor is great friends with Pinky!
  • The Doctor's freedom with public transportation here!
  • She LOVES her "Go" card.
  • "The Big Bang Theory" is almost ALWAYS on TV.
  • The Southern Sky!!!
  • Seeing the CDB while it was raining.  (we were over at a theater on South Bank seeing a show and it started downpouring.  The Doctor was entranced.)
  • Seeing "A Chorus Line"
  • Two Words:  Nerf wars!

We MISS our peoples!  But we really do love it here!


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  1. Although I'm living in Japan now, it makes my Aussie heart happy to hear that you are happy down under :)


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