Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Glasses at the Sea

Being at the beach with my family was a gorgeous dream.  Maybe because I was not wearing my glasses most of the time, I felt like we were sliding around on a pearly inside of a mollusk shell, green and pink and blue and silver and lavender.  The sky above mixed with the movement of the waves, sliding so smoothly beneath my feet...  My beloveds afloated, danced, dove, dared, and discovered that they were one with the sea...they were one with the other dancers around them.

My eyes, unbespectacled, drank in the jeweled water around me, even while I was a part of it.  Iridescence entered me, filled me up.  My family bobbed up and down and dove into the Coral Sea and those around them did the same...  It was "The Wave" IRL.  I had never seen such natural synchronicity. 

Around me, the vastness felt, somehow, encompassed, encompassing, as though the mollusk shell contained all that I saw...its nacre formed all I saw, formed me, formed the sea...  A vision of a goddess entered my mind...became true for that moment.

White light from the sun bleached and stretched out the shell before me, the violet horizon and all.  Like a dream, sound and sight coalesced and became a part of me... 

When I put my glasses back on...it was the beach!!!

Jessica (in blue) and The Doctor (in black)


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