Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gaining Independence

The Doctor, Liz

We have done lessons all week. So today, I spoke to each of my children individually and asked them this question: If you were to choose your own list of lessons to complete today, what would those lessons be? Each of my children gave me a reasonable and sensible list of objectives for the day.   replied, "Make it so" and was rewarded with two large smiles.
And lots of completed work.

Independence has been an underlying issue around here lately. The Doctor, Liz, is kicking around the idea of a job. She has several locations in and around our place, mostly within walking distance or accessible by the train. At the moment she is working on getting her courage up to walk in the door, and she is practicing interview questions. She is excited with the independence she has claimed in the past few months and I am enjoying watching her self-confidence grow...

Bonobo The Carlo of Randomness
John John
While talking about jobs for Elizabeth, Bonobo, John, has started getting ideas as well. He wants to volunteer at a local day care center. He is convinced he will learn alot from those little ones... which is pretty wise, if I do say so myself.
(I do hope the day care center will take him on as a volunteer. If not, we are exploring other options as well...)

Today I bought a floor fan for the house (it's HOT here, Folks!) and Elizabeth grabbed the directions and put that thing together herself! Yes, I was proud, but it was her own pride that made the news! We are all learning to trust each other on this journey towards greater independence. 

With each day I can feel it building. The nerves are there.  The confidence barriers are there...but it's building! 

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