Tuesday, January 15, 2013

At the Aussie Grocery

We live about half a block from our closest grocery store and I go several times a week. (We have a terrible refrigerator and I can't count on it at the moment.) Besides finding the Coles jingle to be getting old (Down, down, they're staying down!), I'm also just tired of thinking about fresh food! Imagine those days when people had to deal with food acquisition daily.

Because the local Cole's and Woolworth's grocery stores have become my second (and third) home, I decided to share some pics that my American friends, in particular, will find entertaining.

For the most part, food is food. Australia, as you know, is a commonwealth that used to belong to Great Britain. Much of the Brisbane area, in fact, is named after people and places in Great Britain or named after local aboriginal tribal names. It's a neat juxtaposition. So, much of what you will see in the grocery store seems very British to me. Biscuits and whatnot...

There are some distinctly Australian items in the market:

The ubiquitous sausages

You can find kangaroo in the markets. Not alot of it.
We tried it and it tasted like beef.

Just your basic produce section!

OK, these are potato chips, over here called "crisps",
Honey Baked HAM Flavor!

Of course the Vegemite.
Aussies love to take a gigantic spoon full of this...
just to gross me out.

More crisps:  CHICKEN flavored
I tried them and thought they tasted exactly like chicken...

If you get down here, try the TIM TAMS!

Besides Anzac biscuits (cookies) there are lots of
different Aussie brands.
Jerry and the kids like a biscuit called Jam Fancies.

I was hoping that cute Lachan, the young, cute checker would be at the store today when I had the camera. He is SO lovely and so sweet.

So, there you are, groceries in Brisbane.


  1. Hahaha! It amuses me no end that anyone would take photos of our regular food! Regular to me at least... although I've never seen those Kooka's before!

    1. Oh Dionne! EVERYTHING is interesting to my friends back home!
      I'm sure if you went to a grocery store near my home in St. Louis you would be surprised by lots of things! (Probably, mostly, by how many choices of sugery cereal there are! LOL

    2. I'll have to do that! I think the only grocery stores that have really freaked me out in the world have been the ones in Fiji! Unwrapped meat is just not OK...

  2. We have Tim Tams out here in Seattle at the grocery store!

  3. Discovered "Digestive Biscuits" in the British section at our Michigan supermarket. They are really a wondrous hybrid of graham cracker (in flavor) and shortbread (in ready-to-crumbliness). They sound healthful but are really my favorite cookie. I have to limit myself to buying one box, and we'll eat them up in about two days.


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