Oh yes, we have drama. We have days when we all throw up our hands and say "FORGET THIS!"  (sometimes we use an altogether different "F" word.) We have days when even getting ourselves off of the couch is impossible. And days when we have nothing but conflict. And I just had two full weeks when I wanted to run away! And there are days when we don't even like each other. I have days when I get into the car and drive away. We have days when the kids aren't the slightest bit adorable. My daughter has days when she hides behind her bedroom door and I'm grateful that she does it! There are days when she doesn't even show her face downstairs. My son has days when he is a Minecraft somnambulist. And there are days when the kids have toast for breakfast AND lunch. There are days when their darling faces just get on my nerves. There are days when I'm glad the windows are closed so the neighbors don't hear. And days that go by in a blur of fluff.

I'm quite certain my husband has days when he is certain that I am FAR too flighty to homeschool, but he isn't foolish enough to say so. Some days I don't want to decide everything! There are times when I have been on the road toting kids around FAR too much. I find some days to be mind numbing. My son is unable and  unwilling to do some basic things and I'm allowing him to skip them. OH, and the days when our house is a freaking bloody disaster. There are days when I feel more committed to a manicure than to homeschooling. There are days when I think, "Where is my paddle and how did I get so far down this creek?" And there are days when I feel like an utter failure at homeschooling.

And I must ask myself:  how are these failures and fears and angsts necessarily about homeschooling? Aren't these the fears and experiences of being a parent? I'll admit that I have difficult days, but that isn't about homeschooling. It's about the person that I am and the generally normal issues of being one person living with other people. It's the normal issues of being alive. Our angst isn't even interesting enough to write about!

We have our lovely, dreamy, loving days that give me fodder for this blog. Maybe it seems as though I skim over the crappy days. Hell, maybe I do gloss over them, I dunno.  But it is in my nature to put on my "big girl undies" and move forward. It's not that I'm hiding and more difficult side of homeschooling. It's that I tend to focus on the meaningful, the sublime, and sunny side of the street.

This post is more of a musing about the realities of PARENTING.

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