Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Embrace My Feminine Side

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I am a big fan of Pinterest, mostly because I can horde crap without having it actually occupy space in my house, and my favorite stuff is great memes and sayings. I have boards there where I pin stuff specifically for Elizabeth and John. I enjoy showing "their" boards to them and each of them enjoys seeing what I have posted for them.

Their reactions and thoughts about what I post for them are so interesting.

One day this week John and I were looking at various memes on Pinterest together, many of the memes were what we might call feminism memes, pro-female memes. John's observation was that many of the memes weren't just pro-feminine, but also neg-masculine.

He knows that there is a long history of anti-female politics, religion, practices in culture. He is aware of how females are portrayed in the media. John's internal compassion barometer goes crazy whenever any meme attempts to beat any person or group of people down, even if they are doing so in order to empower another group. He's wise enough to know that is is unnecessary to attack another group during the process of empowering one's self. Overall, though, he is only just so aware of centuries of male privilege.

But he is right, many of the memes are very strongly anti-male.

I explained to him that as a person or a group of people begins to assert their power they tend to speak loudly and angrily at those who have held them down and oppressed them for so long. So some women can be quite angry with men and the male-dominated world culture. His sister Elizabeth is experiencing some of that feminism anger at the moment. He can't quite understand the need for such vehemently angry memes against men. He has never carried the male entitlement membership card.

He has asked me to create a few memes to post on Pinterest that reminds pinners that all men are not anti-feminism.

John has often made comments about how much he values female things, because he considers all of those things to be human things. My favorite comment that he made about the subject recently is when he said I embrace my feminine side and all of my friends do too! 

Our family completely loves and accepts human beings in all of their vast array of sexualities. I mean, why the hell not? We, in fact, celebrate that array and feel fortunate to know and love so many people who would consider themselves somewhere in the grey ares.

John enjoys the discomfort of others who can not do this. He is aware that some very good people have this hateful little nugget in the way they move through the world and John likes to see that challenged.  In fact, when he is around a certain homophobic person that we know, John puts on a light stereotypically gay persona, just to create dissonance in this person. He is aware that his actions put this person into such internal stress because this person loves John so very much.

One day we won't need the terms feminism, racism, 
homophobia...instead we will use the term HUMAN.

Yes, I'm optimistic about the next generation and their healthier, wise, and equal view on humanness.

I'm writing this post so late at night
and I'm pretty sure it isn't as clear as I mean it to be.
Forgive me.

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