Monday, December 1, 2014

My Life is Beautiful

I’m Still Homeschool Atheist Momma!

The kids and I have been driving around our own city quite alot these days and that takes us into places that are unfamiliar or new to us and I need to 'fess up right now. Our family lives a very fortunate life. No doubt about it.

As I've gotten older I have learned what true beauty is; I like to think that my children can learn it long before I did. 

When I was  younger I thought that beauty was great angles, high cheek bones, and shiny hair, classic art, slick cars, McMansions, maxi skirts, rich weaves, things with a wealthy and rich appearance and texture, geometric gardens, royalty, fireworks, pearl earrings, and the right shade of lipstick. Beauty was, to me, a thing, a type of perfection, an aspiration, a thing that my eyes could see. But time and miles have taught me different.

As you grow older you learn to find loveliness in the smaller things, the gentler things, the genuine moments that take your breath away, places where love flourishes under chaos, people with lives that are lived ethically and courageously, moments that pass by... uncelebrated and silent, the mundane and simplicity of daily devotion, even defeat has its own beauty.

Harrison Craig and Liz
The other day as I was driving my daughter to an activity of hers, we were discussing someone who lives in Australia and who is beautiful to us. This person's beauty is in their heart, in their kindness, their goodness, their genuineness, their graciousness. This young person is living a life of their own creation. They had a dream and they went for it. The life that this human has created is a true thing of beauty.

As Elizabeth and I spoke about this special someone I could feel a tingling in my nose. I couldn't stop the flow of tears that came with our conversation. I feel sincere and deep love for the subject of our conversation and so does my daughter. Between us, as we shared our memories and our longing, Elizabeth and I created one of the most beautiful things that two people can share: love, compassion, and connectedness.

On our return trip home, Lizzie and I had another conversation about fun and passion and creativity...

Yes, beauty, the gift of my life.

The weather outside if frightful
And today I was at school with Elizabeth for...reasons. While waiting for her later in the day I saw this woman coming in from the super cold outside (the temp is near 20F/-7C) with her shoes off. Her socks were worn through, she was kind of huffing, and she was obviously in need of assistance. I asked her if I could help and she refused.
I reached down and gave her my socks and my warm fleece jacket.
She frowned, took them, and moved on...

In retrospect maybe I was showing my privilege, maybe I was rude, maybe I was forcing my "help" on to her.

My life is beautiful and sometimes I feel quite guilty about that...



  1. You are such a sweet person I still remember when we went out to dinner you offering to help a couple in an old car to pay for a tank of gas...I admired you then and still do now

    1. <3 As it happens, the woman told me their story a bit more as I drove her over to the gas station and I'm SO GLAD I took that risk (didn't seem that risky to me, actually) to help out. She was ever so grateful and I know that my assistance helped out so much.

      The other guy in the car attempted to drive over to meet us at the gas station and the car ran out of fuel about 500 feet short of the gas station.

      I had forgotten about this, Adventurer. <3


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