Monday, December 1, 2014

We Came, We Saw, We Concurred

Our family has been fangirling this week.
We got to go to Skepticon 7!

Skepticon is a convention for skeptics that is held in Springfield MO. Many skeptical conventions happen over the year. The Amazing Meeting or TAM, American Atheist National Convention, Australia Atheists, and so many others! These events have grown over the years into wonderful events with workshops, talks, round table discussions, film, music, lectures, social events, and so many other interesting activities. 

The conventions are wonderful opportunities to meet like-minded people, to learn about cutting-edge science or technology or issues, to meeting big names in the atheist community, to learning how to operate openly in a non-secular world, and to discuss to many other issues. You never know who you will run into!

Jerry and I have wanted to go to TAM for many years now but the prices are just prohibitive for us. DARN because TAM gets such amazing speakers at amazing venues with excellent events.

Jer and I have attended Skepticon in the past and have had such a great time that the kids begged us to go with us this year. So last weekend we headed to Springfield, Missouri with our two teens in tow, in search of reason and logic and fun!

We were fortunate to hear some wonderful lectures and the kids both attended workshops that they enjoyed. John even hung out with some great kids and danced with a super cute girl at the Skepticon Prom on Saturday night.

We did so many things that I can't possibly cover them adequately, but I will share a few pics with you and share some stories in the next few days. The kids aren't in many of these pics but I promise you, they were right there with me enjoying the whole thing; they were in that no pics MOM kind of mood.

If your family can make it next year, it's FREE to go to Skepticon, I highly recommend it. It gets better each year and we are making new friends each time we go.  We'll see you there!

You will find some unique items for purchase
Elizabeth and I out to lunch

Fellow Con-Attendee:  The Flying Spaghetti Monster

A Festivus Pole
One of the Pastafarians
PZ Meyers and I
Matt Dillahunty and I

Sheree Renee Thomas and Elizabeth

Hemant Mehta and I

Greta Christina and I

Elizabeth involved in the impromtu singing and John (in blue) getting mehndied

John at the podium

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  1. Sounds like an interesting conference I have never heard of it! Glad you enjoyed it


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