Thursday, December 18, 2014

Secular Sponsorship and Service

secular charities
For years I have wanted to sponsor an overseas child through monthly donation-type of system. While I was in Australia the opportunity walked up to me on the street and introduced itself.

I was leaving the chemist and walking to my car when two women on the corner stopped me to talk about ChildFund Australia, a child sponsorship program. Totally secular.  **

I barely gave it two thoughts; 

I joyfully signed up right there and then at Wynnum Road and Algoori Street, Morningside QLD, Australia!

Since then our family has been sponsoring a little girl in Kenya named Linda. She and her brother Benson send letters to me at least once a month. I send my few dollars monthly as well as a nice, long letter from our family. I love it that the kids participate in the letter-writing and story-sharing.

This family has become very important to me. I have sent a few packages, though that is actually discouraged by ChildFund, and have been deeply gratified by the good it has done for this family. Linda is my child, but her entire family means so much to me. I often think about what it is like for her mother to put meals on the table each day and shoes on the feet of every person in the family. But she does it! And it is a thrill knowing that my help has made it possible for this ten year old girl to have what she needs to get a good education.

One month I sent shoes or sandals to everyone in the family. Sadly one of the boxes didn't arrive (hence the reason packages are discouraged) but I was so happy to know that at least a few feet were being adequately shod in that climate.

John and Liz encourage you to
sponsor a child through
Now that our family has moved back home to the US, 
I am still sponsoring Linda's family through the 
US ChildFund branch rather than through 
ChildFund Australia. Because, WOW, that is a fiduciary challenge with the different banking systems!  LOL

Please, if you are able, please sponsor a child!
If you prefer, you can sponsor medical advancements, community improvement projects, leave a legacy to the program, become an advocate, and more. Excellent programs are in the works for parts of India, Ecuador, and Belarus. Past projects include playgrounds and safe places for children in Afghanistan, USA, Ethiopia, and other places, mosquito nets in Africa, and so many other worthwhile projects.

The kids and I recommend ChildFund! I promise, 

it brings so much happiness to the heart of a small child
...and your heart will benefit as well.  ;)

**  ChildFund was a Christian Organization at it's inception, formerly known as Christian Children's Fund.

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  1. This is beautiful. <3

  2. It is indeed very difficult to find a secular organization to support. Something that's also important to me is that all my donations actually arrive at their destination and not just a fraction with the rest being eaten up by administration. Therefore, our family likes to support food-drives or shoe-box/school bag drives (where certain items are packed in a shoe box or school supplies in a school bag and distributed to children in need). Recently, I have found a charity that was created by the owner of a large supermarket-chain, and they guarantee that all donations 100% arrive at their destination since the owner himself covers all the administrative costs of the charity out of pocket. Jackpot!!! Thank you so much, Karen, for doing your part in making this world a little better!


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