Friday, December 19, 2014


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This week John and I have been working on increasing his group of friends. Since returning from Brisbane so many things have changed and many of his friends have kind of........moved on.

He's pretty proactive in some ways and he has found some really nice new friends out there. I just thought I'd show you an email that he and I put together so that you know how we are working on this. I am changing some information so you can't follow us there and join in on the fun:  *wink*

John has arranged a schedule of ideas for his teen friends.
Please join us for all or all of these activities, TEENS ONLY PLEASE, and
please bring a friend! It would be wonderful to see a nice group of friends getting together regularly. Maybe with this kick-start we can see the kids start to schedule activities themselves.

All activities are weather-permitting. Call the Loets if you are unsure.  Karen:  314-7xx-5555
Kids can be dropped off at our house half an hour before any event and we will bring them home OR you can drop and pick up at the event location yourself. Let me know your plans! Call me with any questions or concerns or ideas.

PLEASE RSVP to me; it’s a drag to get to an event and have no one else present.
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014, some time
The Hobbit: Five Armies
Local Cinema

Some upcoming day, December xxth, 2014, timepm
Local climbing place with pertinent information

Some Day, January xx, 2015, timepm
Local Ice skating
address and cost

Some Day, January xx, 2015, timepm
Local roller skating Rink
Cost, Snack bar available.

Some Day, January xx, 2015, timepm
Some other day, January xx, 2015, timepm
Local Bowling
$3 per game plus $2 shoe rental

I just mailed this out today and haven't heard from anyone yet, but we are hoping that a nice group of 3-10 kids can start to get together regularly; I hope this works!
Also, I'm proud of John for being proactive about this.  *GRIN*

Welcome back, Larissa.

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  1. Such a great idea! I hope he finds his people. We all need to know who our people are.


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