Wednesday, December 3, 2014

24 Hours of my Daughter's Life

Our family has been passing around some kind of head cold to one another. Elizabeth started with it, then John, then me, and now Jerry. For some reason I got it the worst. It has lasted longer for me and has been the most unpleasant for me. For that reason I have been sleeping or resting in bed as much as possible; I just can't stay awake...nor can I breathe!  Because of my need to crash, I have missed all of last night with the kids and most of this morning.

Elizabeth, working on lessons
Elizabeth just got home about an hour ago and said to me I haven't seen you in 24 hours, Mom!  In these last 24 hours I missed talking to her after she had two different auditions, school, and work.  

We hugged and then sat down to bring each other up to date. Seems she had two excellent auditions that she is feeling positive about! Last night she auditioned for a show at a small local community theater and got a part; that show is in January.

Today my daughter had a class where she recorded two monologues that both went very well, one of which she wrote herself. Elizabeth had a teacher stop her during that class and make wonderful statements to her about how mature she is and how talented she is and how much Elizabeth has changed the teacher's mind about 17-year-old homeschoolers being in community college.  The teacher is very impressed with Elizabeth. And then the guy who was filming the monologues stopped Elizabeth and told her that she was very talented and that he would love to see her do more monologues written by Elizabeth.

She turned in her final paper in one of her classes and felt very confident that her work was her best. Her teacher winked at her and said I'm looking forward to reading this. Then, in class, Elizabeth delivered her paper in front of her class!

My daughter then went to work where she had such intimate and sweet moments with some people at her work place, including a moment with her boss who complimented her on her recent work.  AND she spent some time with the cute boy in one of her classes who took special time to talk to her and even waited for her after class to talk to her some more, thereby making him late for his next class.  *wink*

THEN, this evening, she went to her second audition and felt very positive about her time with the casting director.

She got home a little after ten pm and, after all of these wonderful stories she said to me, Mom, I missed you so much today! I'm glad to finally share all of this with you.
My Amazing Daughter
 Believe in your children, People! 

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  1. Karen, I am so sorry you've been sick for so long! I know how that is.

    But I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this. Go, Elizabeth! What a wonderful day!

    1. :) I KNOW!!!!!!!

      I am feeling much better today. :)


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